Runtime.RIP - Updates & News #2 [Special Edition] - 10/30/18

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Runtime.RIP Forum news, updates & information [SPECIAL EDITION]

Welcome to this special edition of Runtime.RIP's news, information & history!
  • The majority of our veteran members already know this, but for the new comers, this is how the Runtime.RIP community was founded!
    Once there was a community named "Mal4All", during it's prime, it had around 2 thousands members, the forum & community was founded by a member of the scene under the user-name "FR3D". Now the community Mal4All was growing at a very fast pace, and this was both good and bad, with the communities founder (FR3D) under pressure from multiple different issues, including the possibility of unwanted federal attention. Thus he decided to leave the scene and offer nothing but the memory of the community he had built, and leaving the loyal members of it. Many people believed it was a simple exit scam, though those who knew FR3D also knew there was a real possibility of his fears becoming reality due to the size & nature of the forum, along with the software in which was being sold and provided there.

    Fortunately, a member of his community & former staff of his forum and Discord channel going by the alias "Yattaze" convinced FR3D (Who was in the process of cutting all ties) to provide him with the source to the Mal4All Forum, under the condition that the database be excluded from the provided source, and as far as is known, was deleted shortly after the forum was taken offline, and thus "Yattaze" decided to recreate the once amazing legacy that was Mal4All, and slowly but surely, rework after rework, Mal4All (That is now under a different name) was reborn. 

    All of this happening so fast, that some of the former members decided to branch off, adding many features from Mal4All as well as personal preferences of the community, to create a sister-community called "Runtime.RIP", founded by our very own "187" and "0x27", and thus we were born! Since it's release, Runtime.RIP has seen many former veterans from Mal4All, and many new comers, to create our beautiful community we now have, and all of which would never be possible without YOU

    From all of us at Runtime.RIP, thank you for being a part of our community! 

Forums Changes
  • "3WAY" Has been banned from our community
    We at Runtime.RIP strive for a clean, happy and friendly community, unfortunately, there are times where problems are brought to our attention in which the community feels it's in our own best interest to remove a member from it. This is the case of "3way", who, though being an active member of our Discord, caused many problems relating to "snitching" on one of our members, now to the extent of him doing so, it was not "that bad" per-say, though because of the action (Which will not be discussed on this post) that he took against one of our members, and the childish nature in which it was done so, and threats made after the fact, it was in the best interest to remove him and permanently remove his access to our community. We're sorry for any inconvenience this caused any of our members, and we will continue to try our best to prevent such a problem from arising again. Thank you. 
Final Notes: 
That ends this special edition of Runtime.RIP, we thank you for reading, and hope you have a wonderful Halloween! 
A special thanks to "0x27" for providing the information regarding the history of our community!

First! Good post man, love the history
Nice - Keep the news/research coming. Otherwise work is just boring.
Good Job, very accurate history.
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Greetz from 0x27
whoaa, nice post, love the history too because I'm an active member also at mal4all