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• No illegal/black-hat activity, example crding, deep-web related content, drugs, doxing, (cheesy-pizza) ETC..
• No spamming on the forum.
• No adult (18+), explicit content.
• No sharing of files / leaks in general chat.
• No sharing of leaks from the forum/dscord  to unauthorised persons.
• No advertising of any sort, this includes links to other forums/discords, without prior permission.
• No racism, religious degrading, homophobia, nor any other degrading will be tolerated.
• Talk polite to staff, If you are rude or arrogant, you will be banned.
• English ONLY, is allowed in all threads.
• Use common sense before you post, you are responsible for your actions.

Disclaimer: This forum is a Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering forum ONLY, we do not promote the use of an illegal/illict activity nor support it in any shape or form. You are responsible for all your actions on this forum, failure to do so will result in a ban!

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